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Intensive Technical Course 

Full-field photonic components and integrated circuits

Thursday 17 - Friday 18 September 2020 

Universitat Politècnica de València 

in collaboration with the University of Ghent

online via MS Teams


Workshop overview


This 6 hours theoretical (3h) and practical (3h) workshop will focus on Optical Frequency Domain Interferometry (OFDI) techniques. These have been demonstrated as powerful tools to the full field assessment in optical fiber devices, but in recent years they have been exploited and properly adapted to integrated optical components.


OFDI provides Time and Frequency domain precise characterization in amplitude and optical phase, leading to resolution of very short time events, and from waveguide losses up to waveguide chromatic dispersion assessment in typical structures, such as micro-ring resonators.
















In the first session, we will describe the theoretical background and the required practical hardware set up to carry out measurements, and the strategies for the on-chip integration of the OFDI structures along with your own integrated structures.


The second session will consist of a hands-on employing MatlabTM or Octave, during which you will experience on the processing steps using test data from actual already structures, including ring resonators, Mach-Zehnder interferometers, and spiral waveguides.


Pre-course work and information will be e-mailed to all the registered participants two weeks ahead of the course. Students will be expected to complete all assigned pre-course tasks before joining the course. 


Due to continuing travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, the course will be delivered online in two sessions. The on-line platform & access will be communicated to the course participants one week ahead of the first session.


Click here to view the recording from the theory part of the training


Please click here for a detailed programme of the workshop


All sessions are planned for 10am - 1pm  (CET)







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UPV training 1.jpg

The MICROCOMB project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 812818.

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