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Intensive Technical Course 

Large Scale Photonic Integration. Part 1: Design and Fabrication

Monday 14 - Wednesday 16 September 2020 

Ghent University in collaboration with Luceda Photonics

online delivery via Zoom 


The MICROCOMB project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 812818.

Workshop overview



This workshop will cover the use of the IPKISS design software developed by our partners Luceda Photonics, who will provide introductions to the software at the workshop.


Using the software, Early Stage Researchers will design wavelength filters in an SOI photonic chip. These chips will then be fabricated for the researchers before the Characterization Workshop provisionally planned in April 2021 (providing that the Covid-19 lockdown travel restrictions will be lifted by then), when the participants will come to Ghent to post-process the chips and fabricate heaters on them. The chips can then be characterized in our measurement lab to complete a full design cycle.


Pre-course work and information will be emailed to all registered participants two weeks in advance of the course and students will be expected to complete all assigned pre-course tasks before joining the course. 


Due to continuing travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, the course will be delivered online in three sessions via Zoom. 
























Please click here for a detailed programme of the workshop


All sessions are planned for 10am - 3pm (CET)

















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