MICROresonator frequency COMBs: Fundamentals and Applications

Forthcoming Events

"Microresonator Frequency Combs and their Applications" (Microcomb2022)

EPFL network conference, Sunday June 5 (arrival) to Thursday June 9 (departure)

More information: https://microcomb2022.epfl.ch/

Registration: https://microcomb2022.epfl.ch/registration/

R&D career in space industry, AIRBUS, Germany

1-day transferrable skills workshop

(incorporated in the Network Conference in Switzerland

on day 3 in the careers workshop)

Large Scale Photonic Integration. Part 2 characterisation, UGENT, Belgium

Monday 27 - Wednesday 29 June 2022

course details will be available shortly

School Conference, BATH, United Kingdom

(final network event) collocated with Photon-2022 in Nottingham, UK

Tuesday 30 August - Friday 02 September 2022

Video recordings from some Microcombe events can be accessed via the link below

Microcomb events' archive