MICROresonator frequency COMBs: Fundamentals and Applications

Forthcoming Events

"Microresonator Frequency Combs and their Applications" (Microcomb2022)

EPFL network conference, 31 December - 2nd February 2022

(arrival 30 December - departure 3rd February)

Saanen, Switzerland

The conference detailed programme will be available shortly

Femtosecond laser-based comb technology, MENLO, Germany

5 days intensive technical lab course (dates to be confirmed)

Entrepreneurial challenges and intellectual property management in small and medium R&D businesses, MENLO, Germany

2 days transferrable skills workshop (dates to be confirmed)

R&D career in space industry, AIRBUS, Germany

1-day transferrable skills workshop (dates to be confirmed)

Large Scale Photonic Integration. Part 2 characterisation, UGENT, Belgium

2.5 days (dates to be confirmed)

School Conference, BATH, Bath, United Kingdom

the last network conference to take place in 2022

Video recordings from some Microcombe events can be accessed via the link below

Microcomb events' archive