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Early Stage Researchers at MICROCOMB

Ms Ruyu Ma

Institute for Quantum Optics

email: ruyu.ma@mpq.mpg.de


Mr Toby Bi

Institute for the Science of Light

email: toby.bi@mpl.mpg.de

Louw Roel van der Zon

email: LRvanderZon@upv.es


Mr Krishna Twayana (Nepal)

email: twayana@chalmers.se

Mr Halvor Fergestad (Norway)

email: halvorf@kth.se

Mr Nicolás Amiune (Argentina)

email: nicolas.amiune@imtek.uni-freiburg.de

The MICROCOMB project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 812818.

Mr Ewoud Vissers (The Netherlands)

email: ewoud.vissers@ugent.be

Mr Zhiwei Fan (China)

email: zf382@bath.ac.uk

Mr Vladislav Pankratov (Russia)

email: vp472@bath.ac.uk

Mr Mikhail Churaev (Russia)

email: mikhail.churaev@epfl.chMAleksandr Tusnin 

email: aleksandr.tusnin@epfl.ch


Mr Mohammad Reza Tavakol (Iran)

email: TBC

Yung Chen (Taiwan)



Mr Ignacio Baldoni (Argentina)

email: i.baldoni@menlosystems.com

Mr Alberto Nardi

email: ALB@zurich.ibm.com