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 Webinar Series 

organised by The University of Bath via Microsoft Teams

Microresonator frequency combs: Fundamentals and Applications

Webinars from consortium members and virtual visitors

7 December 2020 at 9.45 (UK time)


Early Stage Researcher Presentations:

Session 1

Krishna Twayana (CUT)

"Frequency Comb Calibrated Swept Wavelength Interferometry"

Ruyu Ma (MPQ)

"Damage threshold in SiC wire waveguides"

Toby Bi (MPL)

"Fabrication of microresonators and the Spectral Extension of Microcombs"

Session 2

Vladislav Pankratov (Bath)

"Turing patterns in microresonators with quadratic nonlinearity"

Nicolás Amiune (FRB)

"Optical parametric oscillation and frequency comb generation in 2nd order nonlinear materials"

Halvor Fergestad (KTH)

"Broadband SHG and nanofabrication in LNOI"

Session 3


Alberto Nardi (IBM)

"Gallium phosphide photonic crystal cavity for frequency comb generation"

Ewoud Vissers (UGent)

"Butt Coupled External Cavity Mode Locked Lasers"

Ignacio Baldoni (Menlo)

"Microresonators for radar and astronomical applications"

Roel van der Zon (UPV)

"Design of a spectral processor"



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